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Free Speech... Just Not at the Game

Look, here's my thing with James Dolan, as both a reporter and a former season ticket holder for one of his teams: He's the owner of Madison Square Garden, so he can set the ground rules.

It's private property, after all.

However, as season ticket holders, people should have certain rights of ownership as well. I sat in the "cheap seats" -- and I was still paying nearly $9,000 per season for my two tickets. For that amount of money -- not to mention the tens of thousands more paid by people who sit closer to the court/rink -- fans ought to be able to express their displeasure, provided they don't do so in an offensive and/or violent/aggressive way.

You could argue it's a fine line. But you'd think with all the money Dolan rakes in from Knicks and Rangers fans, he could buy a thicker skin.

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