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My 5 Favorite College Fight Songs

Figure I'd start my return to blogging with an easy one. Here are my five favorite college fight songs, in no particular order. And, before you say it, I have no connection to any of these schools and have no particular affinity for any of their sports teams.

USC: "Fight On"--Seriously, can anyone top the Trojan marching band?

Oklahoma: "Boomer Sooner"--During football season, the song is played for every first down, touchdown and field goal. And with their offense, you hear it a lot.

Penn State: "Fight On State"--Happy Valley lost a bit of its shine in the 2010s, to put it mildly, but the school's song still puts a smile on my face.

Alabama: "Alabama Yea"--Let's face it, the song has gotten plenty of airtime over the past decade, despite a "down" year in 2019.

Ohio State: "Buckeye Battle Cry"--Dotting the "i." That is all.

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